This website, 0to5.com.au, comes from my interest in children’s development and education.

I have had the privilege of watching our children grow into healthy, well-adjusted and intelligent adults despite the failures of various schools, both state and private, to provide anything like an appropriate education. During those years advocating against inertia and sometimes open hostility, I became all too familiar with concepts and issues like school refusal, homeschooling, behaviour management, assessment, acceleration and alternative schooling as well as a myriad of educational and psychological theories out there.

There were some excellent professionals I met over the years,and some at the opposite extreme. The majority were doing the best they could within the limits of their knowledge and experience, and the boundaries of their institutions. Slanging matches are usually not helpful or productive.

I found that understanding the different perspectives and deciding which applied to our situation was the pathway to success. An invaluable aid in doing that was the now-defunct oz-gifted discussion list. Providing a similar opportunity for others to tease out the theories and perspectives is the main aim of the articles and the forum on this site.


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