The Creativity Crisis

This is a really interesting article on creativity. Intelligence and creativity “IQ scores are going up while creativity is going down” from The Creativity Crisis by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in Newsweek. One of the frequent questions that came up when we were dealing with schools was why some children with very high IQ [...]

Maths and Homeschooling

There is an article on a site that promotes homeschooling that pretty much summarises the reasons why I think home-schooling is not such a good idea. It was always the homeschoolers that convinced me, not its detractors. With a title “5 reasons why you don’t need to teach math” we don’t get off to [...]

Alternatives to School

A teacher once told me that you had to make it clear to children that there is no alternative to going to school because that’s just the way life is – after all, she had no alternative, she had to go to school everyday as her job to earn money to pay the bills. If [...]

Why would the likes of you want to learn calculus anyway?

It’s not nice, the discourse between homeschooling advocates and those who oppose it. And the not-niceness goes both ways. I’ve just read this A response to the completely asinine “7 reasons I’d never homeschool my teen” by Rebecca English, which sent me to an article that I’d probably never come across otherwise. “7 Reasons I’d [...]

Home Schooling – Reasons Not to Do It

There’s an article ‘Unschooling’ – education fad or real alternative? on theconversation website. I always find it ironic that although I see merit in many of the “unschooling” theories, and am highly critical of many school practices, I end up defending the role schools play in education. Over the decades I’ve spent a lot [...]

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