Maths, Spatial and Arithmetic

All the numbers

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This is a list of the number templates. Use them individually to focus on a particular number. Colour them, cut them out, use them as part of a bigger picture, decorate with drawings of things that are related to that number (eg shape, number of legs / wheels,  etc.)


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This template shows A calculator for colouring, counting and discussion.

Candy Canes

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A candy cane for coloring and a stripeless candy cane that children can decorate and color. The same templates are also available as colour-by-number activities for older children.

Chutes and Ladders

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This template is a variation on the Snakes and Ladders game. This is a easy, fun game for children and families to play together. Included in the PDF version (download here) are instructions on how to play.

Clock with no Hands

Clock with no Hands thumbnail

Here is a template of a clock with separate hands. Cut out hands and attach to the clock with a pin in the centre so you can change the time or draw hands to emphasise particular times (sleep time, play time, etc) on this clock

Heart Templates

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These templates show heart shapes including mazes and a join the dots to make a heart

Hexagon templates


A template with a single hexagon and one with multiple hexagons to colour

Jack-o-Lantern Mazes

Jack-o-Lantern Mazes thumbnail

Jack-o-Lantern – with three mazes within a Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween, easy, medium and hard. Can you get from start to finish?

Make your own calendar


Use this template to make a calendar for one month, or print twelves and make a calendar for a who year. These make great personalised gifts.

Number – 0

This template shows Number – 0, zero or nought.

Number & Math Cards

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These cards can be used to practice numbers or math as mathematical symbols have been included. Simply print the templates (card stock works best) and cut along the dotted lines. Combine various numbers to make larger numbers (ie. 1 + 0 = 10; 2 + 5 = 25). For numbers with 3 or more digits Read more


Pentagon thumbnail

This template shows a Pentagon


Ruler thumbnail

This is a template of a ruler to colour and discuss.

Scissors Template

Scissors Template thumbnail

Click image for the full-size template Related skills: fine motor, language Discussion Topics: Colour the template. Talk about all the different types of scissors – safety scissors with blunt ends for children, dressmaking scissors, small embroidery scissors, manicurist’s nail scissors, hairdresser’s scissors, garden scissors. Big scissors are often called shears. What occupations can you think Read more

Shape Matching Cards


These shape matching cards can be used for matching games, memory games, to practice vocabulary and more! Color them before playing or play with them as is.


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This template shows some common shapes for discussion, colouring and to make into shape matching puzzles.


Snake thumbnail

One template of a snake to colour and one to connect the dots

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear thumbnail

This is a teddy bear template with corresponding color-by-number template in two versions: “easy” and “hard”.