Make your own calendar

Category: Celebrations, Literacy & Language, Maths, Spatial and Arithmetic, Occupations

Use this template to make a calendar for one month, or print twelves and make a calendar for a who year. These make great personalised gifts.


Click image for the full-size template

Related skills: fine motor, language, maths

Discussion Topics: Decide which month you are going to make and write the dates in the box to match. Younger children will need help or have this done for them. Mark special dates, celebrations, birthdays, etc. Draw or decorate the top section. If you make a 12 pages calendar you could decorate each month to suit the season or events happening that month (like someone’s birthday!) or you could do all 12 months according to a theme.

Talk about different types of calendars and where you see them – a desk calendar, a digital calendar, etc.