Chicken or Hen

Category: Animals, Food Templates, Literacy & Language, Nature & Wildlife

This template shows a Chicken.


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Colour the chicken – more advanced children might want to research the different types and colours of chickens.

Related skills: fine motor, language
Discussion Topics: What sounds do chickens make, where do we find chickens, do you or anyone you know have chickens at home?

We use chickens for meat and eggs. What are your favourite chicken or egg meals?

What other words are used for chicken – chicken, hen, rooster, chick, poultry, foul? Why are there different words?

How many stories about a chicken can you think of? Old stories like Chicken Little (also known as Chicken Licken and Henny Penny), The Little Red Hen, and newer stories? Find as many books and stories as you can. Why would chickens be such popular characters? What sort of characteristics are usually given to chickens in stories?