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This template shows three different types of bread


Click image for the full-size template

Related skills: fine motor, language

Discussion Topics: Colour the template.

Talk about the different shapes and types of breads.There are many names for shapes of breads – including loaf, cob, roll, bap, baguette.

Do you like wholemeal, white, sourdough and other breads?

Some breads have seeds or patterns on the crust.

Pizza bases are another type of bread.

What do you put on your bread? Some people like butter, others dip bread in oil and vinegar.

Visit the bakery and see all the different breads. Talk about what it might be like to be a baker.

Have you ever seen a machine that slices bread?

Making your own bread is a great experience for children. Allow a lot of time for kneading and allowing the bread to rise.  Children can make their own shapes.