Alphabet templates – All the letters

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Babies and children are surrounded by words and letters. The unusual thing about numbers and letters is that they can change if they are turned around – an upside down M becomes a W, and upside down 6 becomes a 9.

Letter - A printable templateOur alphabet and number templates are bare to allow you plenty of scope for play, creativity and discussion. They are intended to encourage children to look at their shapes carefully.

This is a quick list of all the alphabet templates…

Use individually to focus on a particular letter or number. Colour them, cut them out, use them as part of a bigger picture, decorate with drawings of things that begin with that letter etc.

Print the set of letters, or numbers, and do one each day, or one each week. Staple together and add a cover to make a book, paste into a scrapbook, or use a display folder to make your very own personalised alphabet book. You could look at some alphabet books before you start for inspiration.
Use the letter templates to play “I spy” drawing or writing each thing you can see around you starting with that letter.

  • Alphabet cards – these cards have four letters on each sheet and can be used for coloring, games, spelling and more! Simply print out the templates (card stock works best) and cut along the dotted lines.
  • Letter – A – large capital A, lower case a, upper & lower case Aa
  • Letter – B – large capital B, lower case b, upper & lower case Bb
  • Letter – C – large capital C, lower case c, upper & lower case Cc
  • Letter – D – large capital D, lower case d, upper & lower case Dd
  • Letter – E – large capital E, lower case e, upper & lower case Ee
  • Letter – F – large capital F, lower case f, upper & lower case Ff
  • Letter – G – large capital G, lower case g, upper & lower case Gg
  • Letter – H – large capital H, lower case h, upper & lower case Hh
  • Letter – I – large capital I, lower case i, upper & lower case Ii
  • Letter – J – large capital J, lower case j, upper & lower case Jj
  • Letter – K – large capital K, lower case k, upper & lower case Kk
  • Letter – L – large capital L, lower case l, upper & lower case Ll
  • Letter – M – large capital M, lower case m, upper & lower case Mm
  • Letter – N, lower case n, upper & lower case Nn
  • Letter – O – large capital O, lower case o, upper & lower case Oo
  • Letter – P – large capital P, lower case p, upper & lower case Pp
  • Letter – Q – large capital Q, lower case q, upper & lower case Qq
  • Letter – R – large capital R, lower case r, upper & lower case Rr
  • Letter – S – large capital S, lower case s, upper & lower case Ss
  • Letter – T – large capital T, lower case t, upper & lower case Tt
  • Letter – U – large capital U, lower case u, upper & lower case Uu
  • Letter – V – large capital V, lower case v, upper & lower case Vv
  • Letter – W – large capital W, lower case w, upper & lower case Ww
  • Letter – X – large capital X, lower case x, upper & lower case Xx
  • Letter – Y – large capital Y, lower case y, upper & lower case Yy
  • Letter – Z – large capital Z, lower case z, upper & lower case Zz